Our Menu

Your dinner includes a selection of USDA Choice steaks or catch of the day fish, a build your own, all you care to eat salad bar served on a chilled plate, a hot baked potato with your favorite toppings, and our famous Texas toast.

Menu & Pricing

Children's Menu

6-8 oz. Top Sirloin


Chicken Strip Basket




Steak and Seafood Selection


22-24 oz

Kansas City Strip

New York Strip

18-20 oz

16-18 oz

Tip Sirloin

20-22 oz

Teriyaki Top Sirloin

20-22 oz

Filet Mignon

8-9 oz

Teriyaki Filet Mignon

8-9 oz

Beef Brochette

20-22 oz

Teriyaki Beef Brochette

20-22 oz

Rib Eye (Delmonico)

16-18 oz

Catch of the Day

10-12 oz

Grilling Tips

The guide below is approximate. Grilling time will vary with the thickness of your steak

Rare (6-8 min. per side): Steak has a cool red center
Medium (8-10 min. per side): Steak has a warm pink center
Well Done (12-14 min. per side): Steak has little to no trace of pink

"BEEF!" It definitely is what's for dinner and it's all USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) graded Choice or Prime beef at the Prime Quarter Steak House!

The Prime Quarter® offers a full assortment of grilling ingredients grill-side to satisfy your individual taste buds. In addition to regular salt and pepper, you'll find garlic powder, a specially prepared seasoning salt and tasty Cajun Seasonings.

Perhaps the best complement to your dinner is some perfectly grilled Texas-style toast. You can enjoy this thick white bread grill-side or with your dinner. After toasting it to a golden-brown, you can top it off with some melted butter and garlic salt.

Our grill chefs are close by to offer helpful suggestions and make sure your steak is grilled just the way you like it.